Beginners Guide to Drywall Tools

September 04, 2017
Palm Desert
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If you’re new to drywall and drywall projects, here’s a list of tools that are absolute must haves. Consider this a list of the basic drywall tools you will need for the majority of drywalling jobs.

Year after year we fill general contractor Palm Desert needs for our client's drywall projects. For the most part, these are pretty common tools, that most of you might already have in or are a part of your toolbox. If you don’t find these tools in your toolbox, it might be a good time to invest as these will come in handy for a lot of other jobs outside of drywalling.

Razor-blade knife - also commonly known as a box cutter. You can find them at your big box hardware stores. A decent one will cost you $10-15. A word of advice is to purchase one where you are able to interchange the blade, definitely worth the few extra dollars. While you're punching your knife, go ahead and pick up a couple of blade cartridges too.

Putty knives - used to spread mud across seams. Go ahead and get yourself metal 6", 10" and 12” knives. You can find these around $3-6 each.

Corner knife - yep, you guessed it. Used to place and insert mud onto and inside corners. Don’t skimp on this one, it’s a must have. And no, a regular putty knife won’t be good enough. Expect to pay around $10 for this one.

Tape Measure - get at least a 12ft+ tape measure. Usually in the range of $8-15.

Pencils - nothing fancy here, just a few pencils to make marks for measuring, cutting and anything else. Budget $3-5 for these.

Drywall Square - primarily used to cut with precision. nice and straight. Easily adjustable for different depths to mark and make your lines. A good drywall square should cost you in the range of $15-25.

Mud pan - use to hold drywall mud to allow to move around while doing your mudding and taping. Usually made of plastic and has removable edges. These are normally pretty cheap, usually in the range of $5-8.

Keyhole saw - otherwise referred to as a “jab”. It’s a small saw, around 6” in length for creating small holes typically for outlets. You should be able to find out for around $7-10.

Sanding blocks - stock up on 150 grit, the most common sandpaper used to finish drywall. Consider purchasing a corner sandblock as well. For the most part, you can find these in the range of about $6-12.

Pole Sander - used to extend your sanding reach by an extendable pole for those harder to reach walls and ceiling seams. Easily found for around $15.

Drill - while you don’t specifically need a specialty drywall drill, you should invest in some of the attachments that will allow a typical drill to be able to set the proper depths for screws so that they don’t break the paper. Get a decent drill such as a Ryobi for around $75.

Compass - used for cutting and creating perfect circles in drywall, specifically a light fixture. You should easily find one for under $10.

Dust Mask - super important for your own health. You should be able to find a pack of 10 for under $10.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Basic tools needed for new drywall professionals.

Good luck on your project!


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