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December 06, 2017
by silb
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When it comes to owning a home we all know that there’s a degree of maintenance and upkeep that’s required. Having the skills to be able to take care of your home can save you a great deal of money in repair men, and hassle when you can sort something yourself.

There are a number of things that commonly go wrong in every home, but having a bit of background knowledge to help you overcome any of these issues is a very valuable thing indeed. You might also find that as your DIY skills develop, friends and family will enlist your skills. You can use this opportunity to share your knowledge and pass on home tips to everyone you know.

Unblocking the sink

There’s a number of approaches you can take if you find water isn’t draining from the sink in the kitchen. Rather than call out a plumber you can do a bit of investigation yourself to get to the bottom of the blockage. Employing a rubber plunger is always a good place to start. If the blockage isn’t too severe, you can use pressure to clear it out.

If your sink is plumbed in with plastic piping, you can release both ends of the u-bend and clear the pipe manually. Just make sure you have a basin on hand to catch any excess water that might flow out of the sink.

Bleeding a radiator

This is always a useful tip to have on hand when winter comes around. Due to the nature of central heating systems that are found in most homes, radiators need to be bled with a special key periodically. Air pockets frequently build up in central heating systems, so bleeding the air out is a routine maintenance practice that not everyone knows how to do.

You need a special key to open a valve on the radiator. This will release the air and fill the rest of the system with water. You can tell if a radiator needs bled by feeling if the top is cooler than the bottom. Like a blocked sink, ensure that you have something to collect any excess water that comes out the system.

Changing a fuse

This is something that needs to be done with great care as electronics are something not to be taken lightly. If a fuse blows in one of your household appliances, there’s a few steps that you need to ensure that you have right before attempting to replace a fuse. Using some of the handy online videos are a good place to start, as they give you a step by step guide.

If you have to rewire a plug, it’s important to connect the wires up correctly. The way to remember which wire is which is simple. Brown/red denotes live, blue is neutral and yellow/green is earth. Connecting these wires up properly is vital to the functionality of the appliance and your own safety.

Hanging a door

This is a notoriously difficult thing to get right, ad definitely requires more than one person to get right. The reason it’s tricky is because you don’t want to leave too much weight hanging on a single hinge or you can damage the door frame.

The best approach is to tighten the hinges on each part of the door together, and make sure you have the weight spread across a number of places. This is where the extra set of hands comes in useful. Try looking at guides to help you before you begin.

When it comes to implementing a new style for the home, it can be all too easy to get bogged down in trying to bite off more than you can chew. This can escalate costs dramatically, especially when outside help is involved. Knowing these tips can help you save spending money on getting handymen out to your house, especially when you can easily make these changes yourself. 

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