Accidents Can and Will Happen

March 17, 2017
by silb
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For anyone working within the contractor industry, being able to get to the job is the be all and end all. We work for ourselves, and if we can’t get into work, no one is going to give us any sort of sick pay and we’ll lose out on income. For that reason it’s vitally important that we have the right protection in the event that the worst happens.

The attitude to not have is to think that nothing will happen to you, or you’re careful enough. The data shows that accidents can happen at any time. And as much as you can trust yourself when you’re on the job, you never know when you’ll be walking onto a site that someone else has cut corners on.

It’s too easy to delay with these things, but when you look at the potential medical costs of having an accident; not just the money that would go on covering medical expenses, but also the money you’d miss out on while recuperating, it’s more than worth your while to invest in the right kind of safety equipment for the job.

Having due process and following the legal guidelines will ensure that should you be involved in a workplace accident, you won’t lose out or be made culpable for something that wasn’t your fault. Though this might seem tedious and when you’re trying to get a job don’t and are getting bogging down in wearing hard hats and high-vis vests, it’s the best way to ensure that you’ll be free from culpability in the event that you do need to claim against the site you’re working on.

You can use a comprehensive business insurance policy to ensure that should something happen you’ll receive some kind of financial remuneration to cover the cost of your accident, without having to chase up those who were running the site. As stated before, you can be fully confident of yourself within your profession, but all it takes is someone on the other end of the job to not be doing their role properly can cause you all kinds of problems.

Ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions from the get-go and you can get on with your job without the added pressure of site safety. With this in mind, you’ll be able to be more thorough in your work and maintain your own personal reputation. Make sure to put your own personal protection in place as soon as possible too. It’s all too easy to say that you’ll take care of things later, but accidents can happen at any time. Keep yourself protected and you’ll be working for years to come. 

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